Buying or Selling a House or Unit

Some legal firms or organisations attempt to downplay the importance of conveyancing. The purchasing or selling of property is a major transaction, and for many, one of the most emotional and financially significant transactions that they will enter into in their lifetime.

We take conveyancing seriously and for that reason ensure that each conveyancing matter is handled by a Solicitor. What most people do not realise is that mistakes in conveyancing can be quite costly, to illustrate:

  • When buying, if you fail to settle on time you could lose any deposit paid and/or be sued for any loss on re-sale. Furthermore, if you wish to make a contract conditional on matters such as finance, building/pest inspection or body corporate inspection (for a unit) this will need to be recited in the contract to allow you such right. Failure to do so could mean having to proceed with a contract you do not wish to, or be committed to an expense that you cannot afford.
  • When selling, if you fail to properly prepare the contract and any associated documentation you may lose a purchaser, even if they have signed a contract. Moreover, if you fail to disclose something to the purchaser that should have been disclosed or disclose something that is incorrect you may be sued by the purchaser for damages.

It is a common myth that conveyancing is a simple mechanical process. This is not true. Whilst some aspects are straight forward, there are many aspects to a contract that require deep understanding and experience.

It is important that you not only seek legal advice before you enter into any contract (whenever possible) but also ensure that you engage competent and knowledgeable personnel to handle your conveyance.

How We Can Help

Woodward Lawyers has a strong reputation for being knowledgeable, thorough and precise. We take a hands on approach in managing your conveyance whilst keeping you informed and up to date of the progress of your matter. Our professional fees for a conveyance are performed at a fixed rate. Please contact us for details as to our fees.

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