Industrial Relations

Perhaps one of the most common type of contractual relationship that exists in modern society is that between employer and employee.

That being said it is not surprising that there is a substantial amount of law governing employment relationships nor is it surprising that disputes between employers and employees are not uncommon.

Employment relationships are often governed by an employment contract, an award or enterprise bargaining agreement and/or any applicable legislation.

Recent amendments however have been made to industrial relations law via the introduction of the Federal Government’s Industrial Relations Legislation which dramatically overhauls State legislation and the award system.

Industrial relations is a broad yet complicated area that encompasses:

  • Employment and employment disputes;
  • Unfair/unjust dismissal;
  • Discrimination in the workplace;
  • Workplace bullying;
  • Compliance with legislation and awards;
  • Union matters;
  • Occupational/workplace health and safety.

How We Can Help

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