Property Development

Particularly in the Gold Coast/Tweed region, property development is a major industry. The legal procedures for the development of property and for the pre-sale of property under development vary between Queensland and New South Wales.

Woodward Lawyers offers the services of qualified staff experienced in property development in both States.

Development of property for sale involves the following steps:

  • Undertaking preliminary enquiries as to zoning and permitted usage for the property as well as looking at any restrictions imposed on the property;
  • Where necessary, obtaining development approval and potentially rezoning the property;
  • Obtaining building approval;
  • Contracting for building works;
  • Obtaining finance, generally with the requirement of security by mortgage;
  • Securing pre-development sales;
  • Preparing and lodging plans for the subdivision or strata, including associated legal and title documentation to create the Community Title/Strata Title or sub-divisional Scheme for the development;
  • Handling of pre and post development sales.

Woodward Lawyers has had experience in dealing with developments in both Queensland and New South Wales, from the initial acquisition of property to the sale of the final unit or lot. We work in conjunction with the other essential consultants to make your project happen.

How We Can Help

We can help by:

  • Drafting and preparing necessary legal documentation;
  • Providing advice as to applicable laws;
  • Undertaking any necessary searches or enquiries on your behalf;
  • Lodging documentation with the Titles Office;
  • Preparing Disclosure documentation and contracts for sale for existing and off the plan lots.

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