Retirement & Superannuation

Whilst most people nowadays have a superannuation fund, few people utilise their superannuation to its full potential.

Once retired there no longer remains an income stream from employment to support you financially.

Accordingly your income stream will usually stem from your savings or investments, your superannuation and/or a government pension.

Retirement and superannuation are key areas that should be considered when contemplating life goals and determining how you will financially support yourself in the future.

Benefits of Considering Retirement and Superannuation

There are benefits in planning for retirement and benefits in planning how best to use your superannuation. Some benefits may include:

  • Using your superannuation to purchase assets;
  • Reducing tax payable;
  • Maximising your income on retirement both from superannuation and from any pension or government assistance received in retirement.

How We Can Help

We can help by:

  • Evaluating and determining what options you have to give effect to your plans;
  • Identifying possible benefits and concerns that should be considered;
  • Structuring your affairs to coincide with your life plans.

Please note that we cannot offer financial advice.

We will work with your accountant and investment advisors to achieve the best for your retirement through superannuation strategies.

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