Starting Your Own Business

Starting a successful business not only involves a good idea and hard work, but also a lot of planning. Key ingredients to a successful business normally include:

  • Getting the right premises on the right terms;
  • Getting the right staff on the right conditions;
  • Establishing good relationships with suppliers;
  • Getting the terms of trade with customers right;
  • Preserving hard earned profits from unnecessary taxation;
  • Protecting hard earned assets from financial risk or loss;
  • Complying with your licensing and legal obligations.

By obtaining appropriate advice on these matters up front, you can avoid expensive mistakes and unnecessary costs. By getting these things right the first time you can concentrate on what really makes the business work.

How We Can Help

Our aim is to be with you in the long term, to help you and your business grow and prosper. We can assist you in setting up your business by:

  • Helping you understand and negotiate your Lease;
  • Drafting employment contracts and dealing with industrial relations legislation and regulations;
  • Drafting and reviewing supply contracts that cover your dealings with suppliers;
  • Drafting terms of trade and contracts to cover your dealings with customers;
  • Highlighting potential taxation issues that may need to be considered;
  • Advising on structures to protect assets and other methods of reducing risk;
  • Advising of necessary licences and registrations.

For further information please contact: